We create websites, online shops, E-learning platforms. We shorten the distance between the company and its clients.


We develop the most effective digital marketing strategies to boost your business.


We think and act to help our clients optimize their branding and elevate their company’s brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why have a logo?

To promote your image and elevate your brand in the market. The logo is, in most cases, the first contact your company has with the client and the public.

2. Why have a graphic identity?

Society is increasingly absorbed by visual impulses, and so it is necessary and imperative to have a unique and versatile visual identity, capable of increasing the company’s value.
This whole set of elements is important for a visual representation, which broadens the applied image of the brand.

3. Why have a website?

To have your business open 24 hours a day, with a global audience and clients who are just one click away.
It is an effective way to convey information, which may be changed or added at any time, and a low cost means of communication/advertising.

4. What is an online platform?

It is an extension of your company on the Internet, which enables you to provide services and sell products online to any part of the world.

5. What is a Newsletter?

A Newsletter is a possibility to have a direct communication channel with clients. It is a regular and / or periodic form of communication, sent to potential clients of your company, providing content on a given subject and containing offers of products and services.

Our work IN 3 STEPS

All of the projects received by Belo Digital always go through several steps. We understand the client’s idea and we develop the project according with the clients needs.


Upon first contact with the client, we set out the project guidelines, creating a solution for what the client needs.


We implement the solutions, which are then presented to the client. With the conclusion of the project, we await its approval.

Testing and Delivery

After its approval, we test the project. From the graphic to the web services, we solve future problems and monitor the project until it is handed over.