Intervention Areas

Graphic Design:
– Logo
– Business card
– Cases for filing documentation
– Notebook

Web Solutions:
– Institutional Website

Web Marketing:
– Social Networks
– Newsletter

It was proposed to Belo Digital to develop the new image of Geosin, differentiating the two areas of business: Geosynthetics and Textiles. Thus, Belo Digital reshaped the image of the company, creating a general visual identity and for each business area, differentiated by color.
The website has a splash page to choose whether to view the contents of Geosynthetics or Textiles.
Official representative of TenCate in Portugal, the website Geosin Geosynthetics was developed to highlight the materials and systems TenCate, marketed by the company.
The website Geosin Textiles was developed to highlight the fabrics and accessories that the company features.