Graphic Design


The poster is a form of communication, usually in paper format, displayed somewhere visible in public places.
The poster is ideal to convey a message quickly. Often, the public needs less than 30 seconds to understand the message.


Flyers are promotional brochures often developed for mass distribution, under the concept “flying” from hand to hand. They have images that grab your attention and messages which are quick to read.

With a variety of options and lots of creativity, your flyers will be fully customized and differentiated. The quality of the material is of utmost importance to attract the target audience’s attention.


Mupis are advertising panels in poster format, usually protected by a glass, which are spread all over the cities.
These structures often have a motor which rotates a number of ads, thus making it possible to use the same device for several campaigns.
The aim is to place ads in bus shelters, in streets and squares, as well as on all busy public roads.


Billboards are advertising panels of large dimension, placed in high visibility locations, such as cities or alongside public roads.
For a good communication strategy, the billboard needs to show simplicity and clarity. The message is more efficient if it is concise, easy to remember and original.
This means of communication is the most efficient and quickest way to spread the campaign theme.


Signage is a way to provide simple and quick information. Signage enables the recipient of the message to understand it and know how to proceed.
It is made up of symbols, colours and geometric shapes that represent ideas and concepts which can be conveyed by drawings in a universal language.
Corporate signage is also a fundamental tool because, besides promoting communication, it strengthens the company’s identity with the internal and external public.


Consumer/product contact begins with the packaging. Even before making any other decision, the consumer is influenced by the packaging, and the next step may depend on this. This is why it is one of the main factors for the sale to be made.


For a long time, illustration was considered a didactic complement, a type of support to the verbal text. Nowadays, it is acknowledged that illustrations should not only carry out a secondary or supportive role, but also provide real interaction with the written text.


An infographic, or the art of infographics, is characterised by explanatory illustrations on a particular theme or subject.
An infographic is a drawing or image which, with the help of a text, explains or provides information on data which is difficult to disclose, such as statistics, maps and graphs.
This is one of the many types of content that are included in a strategy of “Inbound Marketing”, particularly because of its enormous potential for going viral, by being shared on social networks.


Tarpaulins have a strong visual impact. They are visible at great distances, which makes them excellent solutions for brand promotion. They are also characterised by their portability, which allows them to be used for various purposes (events, specific initiatives, campaigns,…).

Vehicle advertising

Your company’s business vehicles are a very advantageous means of advertising. Vehicle advertising ensures brand dissemination due to its constant circulation, therefore, enabling it to stand out from the competition, anytime and anywhere.