Company mascot

Mascot is the name given to an animal, person or animated object that is chosen to be the visual representation or identification of a company.
The aim of the company mascot is to make communication with the public more personal, with a “character” that represents a brand and captivates the public.
Mascots represent the personification of a company’s brand, through which the public creates an emotional bond, allowing its values and ideas to be assimilated more effectively.


Illustrations are a fundamental component of children’s books.
For a long time, illustration was considered a didactic complement, a type of support to the verbal text. Nowadays, it is acknowledged that illustrations should not only carry out a secondary or supportive role, but also provide real interaction with the written text.
“What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?” – asked Alice, moments before deciding to follow the white rabbit into Wonderland. Almost 150 years later, images continue to be essential in attracting young readers.
The importance of illustration and graphic design is confirmed by editors and researchers, who point out the difference between a book with illustrations (in which the image is used as support, simply reinforcing what the text says) and the illustrated book, in which the written text is not used or is only used in conjunction with the illustration.


Digital illustrations have different characteristics from the traditional ones, given that the graphic programmes through which these illustrations are developed have countless tools that are not available outside the digital context.
Currently, illustration can be considered an element used to persuade, narrate or inform, and it is already frequently used as independent content.