Consumer/product contact begins with the packaging.

Packaging and Labelling

Consumer/product contact begins with the packaging. Even before making any other decision, the consumer is influenced by the packaging, and the next step may depend on this. This is why it is one of the main factors for the sale to be made.

Virtually everything we purchase comes in some sort of packaging, making it a major means of communication between the consumer and the product / brand.

Packaging is much more than just a package. It is a robust way to show the product’s features, as well as the company’s own values.

When looking at a package, the main characteristics perceived by consumers are its practicality, convenience, ease of use, comfort, safety and protection of the product. In other words, these are therefore the key features that the consumer will base themselves on when deciding to buy.

A well-developed design of the labels and package adds value to the product, defining the brand’s positioning in the market. The package and the label have to be consistent with the product and have the appropriate safety requirements. It is also necessary to suit the product to the consumer’s expectations and needs.