Graphic Identity


The logo visually reflects the personality of your brand. It is through the logo that consumers will be able to identify your company, distinguishing it from the competition.

Thus, the visual identity is crucial in the creation of a credible and distinctive brand, able to attract the public. Belo Digital develops logos that relate to the company’s goal, its focus and mission, as well as the image it has with the public and its position in the market.

Stationery Design

Stationery Design refers to the whole graphic identity in physical or digital format. Stationery Design includes business cards, cases for filing documentation, envelopes, letter paper, letterhead paper, digital signature and office supplies such as calendars, pens, notepads, among others, which are the means of external communication.

A well-defined and coherent graphic line, combined with a good print quality, aid in strengthening and consolidating the company’s image with its clients and business partners.

Identity Manual

The identity manual is a technical document that includes a set of rules, recommendations and specifications for the use of a particular brand.
This manual explains how to use the logo, not only in its idea or form, but in all graphic applications which it is connected to.