Digital Marketing

Social Networks

Online social networks or Social Media are a new type of media which stimulate participation and promote interaction. If a content of interest for your audience is posted, they will be urged to make a comment or express their opinion, or even “Like” it. Whatever the comment your follower may make, they should always be adequately managed because the audience has complete freedom to express their positive or negative opinion. Negative comments are not necessarily bad, but rather a way through which a company can understand what is not working so well and, with appropriate management carried out by experts, the company can reverse the situation in its favour by making the follower feel heard and, therefore, compensating them. On the other hand, a positive comment is crucial for the company’s success.
“50% of the current clients prefer to buy products and services from companies which they can contact on social networks”.


Email marketing is an important tool for companies since it is a direct communication channel with clients.
The newsletter is a regular and/or periodic form of communication, sent to the company’s clients and potential clients, via email, offering contents of interest to these audiences.

Online Advertising

The implementation of online advertising makes it possible to increase the range of your company’s clients, as well as create greater exposure and notoriety.
In light of a market with a high number of competitors, paid ads are the only way to guarantee the first place in searches. By applying the most advanced management and online ad placement techniques, the correct way to attract users to the website is guaranteed. With the Google advertising programme, the company only pays when someone clicks on the ad and, since there is no minimum spending commitment, it decides how much it wants to spend per day. A higher fee is never charged.
Facebook has already passed the 1000 million users. “Everyone is on Facebook” and that is why this social network is of enormous value for companies who wish to take advantage of it.
Considering the overwhelming number of users, it is obvious that your audience is on Facebook. Therefore, just being there can automatically be a starting point to launch your brand into the business world.
Facebook’s advertising platform makes it possible to create highly segmented campaigns since it is possible to select the audience in accordance with its location, interests, preferences or habits. Thus, by implementing carefully planned campaigns, these will reach the people who are really interested in what your company has to offer.

Email Signatures

Belo Digital creates email signatures, tailored to each client, bearing in mind their positioning and philosophy, while making it easier for the public to access the company’s contact information and, in this way, increasing its credibility, which prevents it from falling into spam boxes.


Banners are graphic online ads which make it possible to include links that will lead the public to the website. A banner campaign, with strategically chosen communication channels, provides extensive exposure, therefore achieving greater notoriety. This form of communication makes the ad more visible, which improves association between the ad and the advertiser. If the aim is greater exposure, banner ads can be included in important portals with a high number of hits.