Web Solutions

Institutional/Corporate Website

Institutional websites are a powerful online communication tool for promoting the company, brand and/or products and services. They work as a quick and easy link between the company and the client, and are available 24 hours a day.
Institutional websites contain valuable contents, such as information about the company, products/services and contacts. However, it is important for the websites to offer other types of information, such as news about the company and a blog containing information related to its business area. If the contents are interesting for the target audience, the visits to the website will occur more often, thus creating a permanent bond between the company and the audience.
Belo Digital develops websites which have an attractive and intuitive layout, completely framed within the industry in which the company operates.
We conform to the new Google algorithm, as our websites are totally adapted to any type of screen (computers, smartphones and tablets) and they are equally optimised for the search engine.

Online Shops

Technological advancements have revolutionised the market and the habits of its consumers who nowadays believe that shopping without having to leave home is the best option. In this way, online shops meet the needs of the clients, making this option another solution for companies that intend to increase their share in the market, and consequently, their range of clients.
With an online shop, their products will be on sale 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
Selling online means doing business with clients in any part of the world. It is a great opportunity to place one’s products in external markets which would not know of their company were it not for the internet.

E-Learning/Training Platforms

E-learning/training platforms make the contact between teachers and learners easier. Through these, the trainers/teachers have the possibility to provide their trainees/students with all the necessary material in digital and multimedia format, as well as use chats, forums and questionnaires. All this just a click away.

Domain Registration and Hosting

The domain is your identity on the Internet, i.e., your brand online.
There are never two equal domain names for different companies. The domain name is unique so that clients will remember your company because of that name, using it, from then on, to look for more information about it.
The domain name is normally the company name, followed by .com, .pt, .net, etc… For instance, the Belo Digital website has the following domains: belodigital.pt and belodigital.com.
The registration of domains requires an annual renovation fee. If it is not paid, the domain becomes available for another person or company to register.
Whereas the domain is the address via which the users reach your website, the hosting, as the name itself states, is your website’s “home” on the Internet.
After registering a domain, it is necessary to rent space on a server so that the domain name can be linked to a website.
An analogy can be made between registering a domain and registering a company name in the National Business Register, while hosting is like renting a commercial space to carry out your activity.